✅ Vision Optimizer, Eye Health Antioxidant - Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Selenium & more

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Vision Optimizer Great for Your Eyes and much more

✅Vision Optimizer, Eye Vitamin Supplement/Antioxidant with Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Selenium, Vitamin A, C & More. 60 capsules
✅*Disclaimer this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.
✅Each serving contains 10mg of Lutein, which is a powerful carotenoid vitamin that has been shown to support healthy retinal tissues and vision. Lutein is a natural antioxidant that not only keeps eyes functioning at their best, but it also benefits the skin by keeping it firm, hydrated and protected from free-radical damage
✅This Vision Optimizer also contains Zeaxanthin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A (as beta carotene) and Vitamin C for optimal results
✅ Natural Product, certified potency and purity, Made In the USA in an FDA Approved Facility
✅ Health to Happiness trusted brand for +10 years

What is Lutein?
  • Lutein is an antioxidant that belongs to the carotenoid group. It’s found in high amounts in leafy greens and orange-yellow vegetables as well as dietary supplements.
  • Lutein is important for maintaining eye health and reducing the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. It may also have protective effects on our skin and cardiovascular system.
  • There is no official recommended daily intake for lutein, though studies have suggested that 6-20 mg/day has health benefits.
  • Most of us don’t consume enough lutein in our diets.

What is Selenium?
Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend your body from chronic conditions, such as heart disease and cancer.

What is Zinc?
Zinc in human plays an important role in cell mediated immunity and is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. 

What is Vitamin A as Beta Carotene?
Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A, an essential nutrient. It has antioxidant activity, which helps to protect cells from damage

What is Zeaxanthin? Zeaxanthin is an eye vitamin that, once inside the body, is drawn to the eyes. It makes its way into the lens, macula, and fovea (the center spot of the retina). Zeaxanthin helps build a yellow-colored pigment shield to protect the eye cells from the harmful effects of certain light sources, such as the sun
The ✅ Vision Optimizer, Eye Health Antioxidant - Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Selenium & more was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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